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cation series this time on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about by how much with detailed cover each the syrian civil war no moves into the street but what is different is that each day some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players could end up trading critics and maybe one day play for the national team. this is al jazeera. hello again i'm peter w. watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes hospitals overwhelmed with casualties from friday's attacked by israeli troops in gaza with sixteen people killed and of these fifteen hundred injured. at least four people are dead as protests erupt in kashmir over indian army operations against separatists. south korean pop stars perform in the north for the first time in a decade but it's kim jong who is in the spotlight. also ahead out of control and out of time the chinese spacelab was just about to crush back to. hospitals in gaza are struggling to cope with an influx of palestinians injured by israeli troops fire at the border doctors say they're running out of medicine and supplies to treat the patients many of whom were hit by a line. munition part of the home yet has been speaking to some of the injuries.
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she had to the protests with her best friend wanting to vent her frustration of growing up under siege and armed with that reckless courage of a teenager molly m. defiantly walked towards the fence where the israeli army was warning against it by a lot and i wanted to show the world that we are still here we are not dead i didn't expect such a reaction from them i kept on walking towards the fence carrying a flag the boys followed us the soldiers could see me the snipers were pointing their weapons i had a backpack i took it off so they didn't think i was carrying something suspicious i threw some stones hid and then started walking again i turned to look for my friend and then i felt an excruciating pain in my leg two beds furder sabrin is recovering from a bullet in her arm another in the foot and shrapnel in the stomach at only nineteen
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who lack of hope is painful to hear. before going out i told my mother i wasn't planning to come back home i told her i wanted to become a martyr i even said my last prayer when i was standing next to two young boys one of them got shot i got angry they weren't doing anything we were just chatting together. the boy was carried away and sabrina walked up a little closer to the border fence despite the tear gas being fired in her direction and then. like mariam she fell to the ground it was the bloodiest day in gaza since the war in two thousand and fourteen with israel firing live ammunition at crowds of stone throwers hundreds were admitted to hospital doctors say most gunshot wounds the hospital is overwhelmed by the amount of injured that arrived here in one day but doctors also say they don't have enough equipment or medicine to give the wounded the proper treatment. most of the
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injuries are in the lower part of the body but doctors were shocked at the extent. many patients had large gaping exit wounds doctors say they hadn't seen this before because of. what's in. the one one. but around fifteen centimeters. so here comes. the tissue of the. anything and the bone for some the damage was so great that the limb couldn't be saved. ibrahim is now back home he didn't know he was targeted while praying was caught on video. we went there to ask for our right to return we went to ask for the siege to be lifted to lift the pressure on the youth we are depressed and
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suffering there is no work we can travel overseas only increased my result i will return to the fair even if they shoot at me again the great march of return is a planned six weeks demonstration calling for refugees and their descendants to go back to their family homes in what is now israel. as a perspective to return to the border on friday to commemorate did dead and honor to whom did everyone aware that it could unravel in the same way that many in gaza say they have nothing to lose but that the honey does. well despite facing widespread international condemnation israel denies using excessive force against the palestinian protesters stephanie decker reports now from west jerusalem . a little boils down to security this is the argument that israel always uses when it is accused of using excessive force it's not the first time it has
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been accused of that it's army certainly and we had the defense minister avigdor lieberman said that the soldiers basically did exactly what they had to do and that in his opinion they all deserved to magill now the opinion here of these radio leadership and the army is that groups that they deem terrorist organizations like hamas and other islamic factions inside gaza are using these protests or hijacking them so to speak to sort of you know breach the border the you know the fence the barrier fence whatever you want to call it and even israel goes as far as to say planting explosive devices but the reality is you've got tens of thousands of people who are now protesting peacefully at this barrier if we're going to see these protests continue it is a different challenge israel is facing this hasn't happened in gaza before to this scale they're going to have to be very careful as to how they go forward also because the international community has already condemned israel saying it is used excessive force and there should be an independent investigation which of course
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the defense minister is very clearly said there won't be one. well the turkish president. has called israel's leader a terrorist in response to the violence in gaza earlier benjamin netanyahu criticized turkey's ongoing military operation in the northwestern syrian region of a free in the israeli prime minister tweeted that his army quotes will not be lectured by those who have indiscriminately bombed civilian populations for years referring to turkey. day oh don't joke so. we don't have the shame of invading and you are an invader you are a q. playing those lanes as invaders at the same time you are a terrorist hate in the air who you are very weak and very strange first of all pull yourself together we are dealing with terrorists but you don't care about terrorists because yours is a terrorist theat and there's a terrorist state it's obvious what you've done in girls it's obvious what you've
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done in jerusalem nobody truly loves you in this world and. use it when i is the executive director of the us campaign for palestinian rights he says there is no justification for the use of lethal force if protesters pose no threat to israeli soldiers. what we know is that well ahead of the events israeli soldiers in fact one hundred snipers as the israeli media has were. sent out outside of gaza and given orders to hire on anyone who even him close to. the demarcation so the israeli sources will actually give marching orders to use lethal force against people who did not pose a threat and i think what we have seen. in the days and hours since this march began is plenty of video evidence that shows many on our individuals
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in shanghai snipers from hundreds of leaders were doing good in many individuals who were you know and hundreds of people who were hit by live fire were injured as well but i think also morally is that what we saw on the ground the other day in the gaza strip was a massive mobilization of people very well organized and organized under a single flag palestinian flag and i think this represents for palestinians a wave or that this might just be the beginning and i think that's a prospect that scares the israelis very much as one of the reasons why they attempted to quash such of a welding lethal force from the outset because they simply do not know how to respond to the massive nonviolent aka the one who is
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a and you know the palestinian organizers were behind this event if this is the beginning of things to come it can provide a great deal of leverage for them moving forward really hitting a more and israeli state that is very much. ally. francis is used his easter message to call for peace around the world about eighty thousand people were in some peter's square in the vatican to hear the address in a reference to the violence in gaza he called for reconciliation in the holy land and he called for an end to the conflict in syria you know you don't mind them off . today we implore the fruits of peace upon the entire world beginning with the beloved and long suffering land of syria these people are worn down by an apparently endless fuel. by the light of the risen christ eliminate the consciences of all political and military leaders so that
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a swift end may be brought to the carnage humanitarian law may be respected and provisions be made to the aid so urgently needed by our brothers and sisters while also allowing the return of the displaced the syrian rebel group in the last opposition stronghold in eastern guta says it's not yet reached a deal with the regime jaish al islam denies reports from the government and the lebanese armed group hezbollah that it's agreed to evacuate duma and says negotiations are still ongoing more than one hundred thousand civilians are said to be trapped in the town which has been severely damaged by the government bombardment there well the shell islam told the neighborhoods of eastern ghouta on sunday explaining what's happening to the people left inside the enclave. there. we made a decision we will be here if we get it through negotiations it's good but if we do not get it what should we do we are now negotiating with the regime and trying as much as possible to protect our people from danger. separately fighters from the
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fail lock on rebel groups have left duma these pictures from syrian state t.v. is said to show the fighters and their families on government buses heading for providence. five soldiers from saudi arabia have been killed in the city of design close to the border with yemen saudi state media did not specify what caused the deaths yemen's who's the rebels have released a video showing an attack on a military vehicle in the same area. according to sentence two people to death for the murder of a filipino made the body of joana demo fellas was found in a freezer in the abandoned apartment in february more than a year after the murder a lebanese man and his syrian wife were arrested in damascus and convicted in absentia the case triggered a diplomatic crisis between kuwait and the philippines last month the philippines president roderigo to turkey ordered all philippines workers to return home from kuwait and banned people from working there. while small ground still to cover for
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you here on the news hour including these stories. i'm john holl and this is russia's radioactive. one of the world's most polluted water away. and stranded so close to home the harsh conditions still confronting people forced to flee during libya's civil war and in sports the tour of flanders gets thrown into chaos santa we'll tell you why in about thirty five minutes. to nigeria now where gunshots and explosions were heard in the northeastern city of my to cooling security forces are said to be battling a large number of fighters believed to be members of book or drum as they try to infiltrate the city with interest has more now from freetown in sierra leone. the fight is suspected to be members of boko haram sneaked into the villages of jimminy and ballet surely under the cover of darkness and then launched at least ten bombs
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and it's suspected to be suicide bombs launch on these two villages now this is coming just a few days after bookworm fighters suicide bombers in fact four of them launched attacks close to mortar got into an area they have targeted several times on the outskirts of my degree one woman was killed in that attack and the four suicide bombers now this is one of the large scale operations we've seen out on my degree area in months bible koran there were gunshots and it's not clear whether the fighters also launched attacks in addition to the suicide bombs that went off in these two villages now this is coming at a time when the nigerian government is also offering amnesty to book out on fighters who decide to surrender or who are willing to surrender and the question many nigerians are asking why stick to a group that has been technically defeated a lot of my dear of course in directional behind the declaration by the nigerian
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government over a year ago that boko haram has been technically defeated was seen book or on launch this attack they have duction of the death she goes in the girls are going to school in northeastern nigeria state of your b. state as well as similar types we've seen on isolated communities in northeastern nigeria the now i did military battling them in several on several problems and addition to other responsibilities of attack or other containing the violence between farmers and hurt and as well as bandits in other parts of nigeria south korean pop stars put on a rare performance from north korea's leader kim jong il one hundred twenty dunces musicians and losses traveled to pyongyang on saturday for two concerts it's the first musical delic delegation to visit the capital in more than a decade but the shop has more. this was a cultural charm offensive that would be set to music after months of escalating
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military tensions the north korean leader kim jong un seemed determined to enjoy himself as he arrived for the first concert in pyongyang by a team of south korean entertainers. and from the north korean audience starved of a little light musical entertainment were loving it. the singers and dancers weren't to draw a card tonight. i. talk kwon do maybe an acquired taste in parts of the world. but enthusiasm for this martial arts display. unites north and south thank. you and they're beginning our first performances in pyongyang today and i find it very meaningful the south and not take window culture said the origin but the process is
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a different i am proud and happy that we got to display to the north korean people our taekwondo or the. north korean officials passing on this thanks to the visitors from the south a little evening distraction before the serious stuff a meeting by the two leaders later this month and face to face with president trump judging from a thank it was the sight of a limp athletes from north and south korea marching under a unified flag at the opening of the games marked a significant thaw in relations in that momentum appears to be continuing but all that didn't stop the u.s. and south korea kicking off a so-called low key joint military drill on sunday in last a month that featured the deployment of fewer strategic weapons peeta shop al-jazeera. it comes to south korea and the u.s. begin their annual joint military exercises which were delayed by the winter olympics nearly twelve thousand u.s.
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troops are joining south korean soldiers kathy novak has more from seoul these annual joint military drills usually take place earlier in the year but they were delayed so as not to coincide with the winter olympics and paralympics that were taking place here in south korea north korea usually react angrily to drills like this calling them a rehearsal for an invasion even though the u.s. and south korea say they are defensive in nature but of course lately there has been a more peaceful atmosphere here on the korean peninsula and in light of that it seems that these drills are likely to be more low key the scale will be the same as in previous years but instead of running for two months they are expected to run for one month of course that is the time when when there is a lead up to a summit meeting between the leaders of north and south korea and plans for a possible meeting between the leader of north korea kim jong un and the u.s. president donald trump so another sign of a more cooperative atmosphere between the two koreas and indeed between the u.s.
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and north korea with shorter drills planned and we're not likely to see what's known as strategic assets including nuclear powered aircraft carriers this time around at least four civilians have died in protests in the southern villages of indian administered kashmir demonstrations broke out after indian forces launched counter insurgency raids overnight thirteen sites is and three indian soldiers died in gun battles many kashmiris say they openly support and india rebels. protesters marched where the fighting happened to help the rebels escape the then started throwing rocks at indian forces they responded with live ammunition shotgun pellets and tear gas was actually an od they get back tonight they cordoned off the villages there is no count of the injured people they martyred al civilians they think that the kashmir struggle for freedom will end by such means that god willing the freedom movement will rise like the sun this struggle belongs to our youngsters
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hotel in central india has collapsed killing at least ten people the four story building came down in my pradesh media reports say a car rammed into it just before it collapsed the government has ordered an investigation. activist in the us city of sacramento a keeping up their protests over the police killing of an unarmed black man last month in the latest demonstration a woman was injured after being hit by a police vehicle running as organized by the black lives matter movement but on justice for the killing of twenty two year old stuff on clock his death has renewed calls for an end to what many see is systematic racism within the us police force. donald trump says they'll be no deal to protect hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who arrive in the u.s. as children the president announced on twitter that an agreement to legalize the status of the deferred action for childhood arrivals daca is quote no more he's
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also threatened to pull out of a free trade agreement with mexico if it doesn't do more to stop people crossing the border. people coming here because they want. to. make great. but have to take a mexico it's got. water. right mexico they said. well there was a swift response to mr trump's comments from mexico from the man who's the favorite to win the presidential election in july and various manuel lopez obrador says he'll demand respect for his country. no matter what. we're not going to rule out the possibility of convincing donald trump that his foreign policy is wrong and in particular his contemptuous attitude towards the
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mexicans. we're going to be very respectful towards the government of the united states but we're also going to demand respect for mexicans neither mexico nor its people will be a pin yatta for any foreign government. russian diplomats expelled from the u.s. have arrived back in moscow president trump ordered sixteen russians out of the country in response to the poisoning of the former double agents and his daughter in the u.k. last month dozens of russian diplomats have been expelled by britain's allies russia in turn has told diplomats from twenty three countries that they must leave . a river in russia that serves hundreds of thousands of people is considered one of the world's most polluted and it's spreading radioactive contamination all the way to the arctic ocean jonah hole reports now from russia's cello been school region. is no ordinary river considered one of the most polluted waterways on earth the stench of open sewage rises from
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beneath the ice. it has a dark history the tensions waters also contain radiation levels up to eighty times higher than normal that's thanks to the my ak nuclear plant seventeen hundred kilometers east of moscow originally producing plutonium for the soviet union's nuclear weapons program they produced many types of nuclear waste. these nuclear waste high level nuclear waste inside their area where. there's a to cherry in one nine hundred fifty seven my x. suffered what's the to be the world's third worst nuclear accident contaminating a vast area affecting hundreds of thousands of people it was covered up for decades . no do overs father was a worker at my ak he and her grandmother died of cancer she campaigned for compensation for victims but fled two years ago accused in the media of being
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a traitor she spoke to al-jazeera in paris finally are they on this that it's very dangerous because population died. and. children. communities were moved new villages were built but even sixty years later the residents of new mystery don't feel safe he really. used to swim in the toxic river as a child. i think it was the wrong decision where only three kilometers away what is it. not everyone was relocated he learned done by of still lives in what remains of old muslim of a on the banks of the techo these days he's careful to use only bottled water it wasn't always the case and no one ever told us anything then in one thousand nine hundred three a drunken yeltsin came here he climbed up on
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a table in the street and told us i'm going to me it's a contaminated area done by of suffers from a litany of health complaints from stroke to heart and bone marrow problems that his doctors have linked to years of exposure to excessive radiation cancer because rife in communities that didn't even know why they were getting sick many died unnaturally young and that would be extraordinary enough as a story from a long time ago except that the plant is still functioning still potentially leaking hazardous waste its operations still going on under a shroud of secrecy last october a crowd of mostly harmless ruthie me i'm one of those six was detected in the air over western europe scientists believe it may have been released at my act during the refining of spent nuclear fuel but russia denies any leak occurred. so what
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of the future dangers posed by my act and oksana sits there is an expert on nuclear pollution. but it applies to this region and also goes all the way to the icy northern seas these materials never existed in nature before all the human made and no one knows how they're going to behave over time activists believe my committee still be dumping waste into the regions water system russia's nuclear or thought iraq says it complies with all relevant safety guidance little has been done to compensate victims of contamination jonah how al-jazeera in the chill yeah been screeching of russia. elsewhere in russia thousands of protesters are demanding the closure of a landfill site that's leaking toxic gases the authorities declared a high alert on friday in the town of balakot scott hundred twenty kilometers west of moscow after dozens of children were treated by doctors for dizziness and nausea
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but officials say there's no need to evacuate the area and air pollution is within permitted limits demonstrator city authorities need to take immediate action first i believe good or did she feel about our duty we have four labs in the city the labs always show that everything's amazing that everything's within limits but we're suffocating and these gases is slowly killing us everything's been silenced we can't get through to any. prosecutors in italy have opened an investigation into an old sovereignty violation by french customs officers a charity that helps migrants says the armed french officers entered their premises at the train station in the italian village of bard on a day to drug test and i jury and passenger on a train bound for paris italy summoned the french ambassador on saturday to protest french officials say they were following procedures laid down in the one nine hundred ninety agreement between the two countries. still to come here on the news
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for you both want to be president is sworn in and pledges to win the country off a dependence on. spurs make history against chelsea sent us all the details in sport in about twenty minutes. hello there it might be april but it's still snowing for many of us in north america if we look at the satellite picture we can see this area of clouds here and as that works its way eastwards it's bringing us quite a bit of snow particularly to the northeastern parts now that system is fairly short lived and as we head through monday it will be pulling away and there won't be any new snow around just the snow that's already on the ground however there's another weather system that's waiting in the wings that's here and that's working its way eastwards this is a big snow maker so we're going to see heaviest snow for many of us and in the south where it's just that little bit too mild forced to see snow we'll see
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a lot of heavy rain so plenty of what weather to come then as we head through the next couple of days meanwhile if we head further south over the central america is hey we've had this training front with this over the last day or so that's gradually sinking its way southwards and ahead of it is forming quite a few showers so quite a bit of unsettled weather there for the southern part of cuba down through into haiti there for so monday and then that gradually sinks its way southwards as we head through into choose day behind it it will brighten up quite nicely the south america well lots of showers here they're stretching from the northeastern parts of brazil for two days of that all the way back down towards rio to the south of that though it is looking a little bit dry and now. a conflict standing seven years. humanitarian disaster displacing more than half
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a nation. alleges your world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. i am a syrian child on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the mail man city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has to lose on the ground to bring you the award winning documentary and now live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and.
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welcome if you're just joining us you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from doha these are your headlines hospitals in gaza they're struggling to cope with the influx of palestinians injured by israeli troops fire at the border many of the patients have been hit by live ammunition doctors say they are running out of medicine. south korean pop stars are put on a rare performance from north korea's leader kim jong il and one hundred twenty dancers musicians and martial artists traveled to pyongyang on saturday for two concerts is the first musical delegation to visit the capital in more than a decade. these four civilians have died in protests in southern villages in indian administered kashmir them stray sions broke out after indian forces launched counter insurgency raids overnight killing thirteen rebel fighters. hundreds of
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libyans forced to leave their home in the town of tal together during the civil war stranded in the desert libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli negotiated the return of the families but that now is looking to be in doubt barbara and go pop as the story. there's worry blowing through this does a camp people here were promised they could return to twelve six years after they were forced from their homes but they have been blocked and even shot at by uniformed and plain clothes forces just twenty seven kilometers from their hometown . of you're here for the sake of our return based on the presidential decree issued in december for return to target on february first all the aid agencies are delivering food water and medicine conditions a harsh. here we will remain and maybe we will take a decision to travel on wins we will have a white flag and an olive branch in the direction of twaddle. the siege of misrata
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was one of the bloodiest episodes in libya's civil war twerk a fight has many of them descendants of black african slaves for tickets misrata militia to defend the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi some of them were accused of rape and other atrocities against misrata residents in an act of collective punishment the entire city of up to forty thousand people was emptied after gadhafi is for the sake of the wood people were used to a certain way of life and suddenly it changed we were used to houses air conditioners t.v. and cars but now we live in tents there is dust cold and strong winds and we live in very difficult conditions and this is what awaits them into it's a ghost town but for those determined to return it still has. al-jazeera. severe flooding in fiji has left at least four people dead and five others missing tropical cycle and juicy brought strong winds and heavy rains to the
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west of the pacific island nation hundreds of homes are without power and more than seventy roads have been closed. and abandoned chinese space laboratory is set to crash back to earth within the next couple of hours or so but no one knows for sure where the deputy will land experts say china's space agency has lost control of the tiangong one it was supposed to be decommissioned in twenty thirteen but its mission was repeatedly extended as it hurtles towards the planet's the nine tons spacecraft as expected at speeds of up to twenty six thousand kilometers an hour before most of it disintegrates in a final blaze of glory the european space agency says the debris could land anywhere from new zealand to the american midwest the chinese authorities say there is no need to take cover and the dead won't be big one place django one is not expected to crash into this lonely spot in the pacific point is a spacecraft graveyard which is further from land than any other spot on the globe
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the change on one was launched in september twenty eighth eleven to carry a docking and orbital experiments as part of china's ambitious space program it performed three successful dockings with the shenzhou spacecraft including missions for china's first female astronauts and was finally decommissioned well in march twenty sixth chang gone to which is very similar is still in orbit but plans for a far more ambitious third vessel are already well advanced china's just unveiled the poor module of its first proper space station the t.n.g. an aerospace town in northern china it plans to start assembly in orbit in twenty twenty and bring it into service two years after that. when a five i want to spacecraft is like a car the spacelab can go one in ten going to a mall light one bedroom apartments a space station is an apartment with three bedrooms and living room and
2:36 am
a storm jonathan mcdowell is an astronomer from the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics he says when the spacecraft re enters the atmosphere it will be spectacular it will be like a fireball crashing through the sky maybe moving relatively slowly like a plane breaking up into multiple different far bulls. you won't mistake it for anything else i think and yet a little be a spectacular sight by the time the stuff reaches the ground or just be a few pieces of metal strewn over maybe a hundred kilometer range and so it's really nothing to worry about too much as the sun. increases its energy output or decreases the upper atmosphere of the earth soaks up that energy inflates or shrink and that makes it more or less headwind to the spacecraft as it goes round and so small changes in that you know this thing's going twenty six thousand closures an hour so if you guess wrong by an hour about
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where it's coming down you're often location by twenty six thousand kilometers it's billed as one of the world's longest cross sea bridges after seventy as of construction the new link between hong kong a car in mainland china is finally complete beijing says the twenty billion dollars project will cut travel time in half but critics say it's blurring the border at a time of tension clark explains. it's fifty five kilometers long six lines wide before tunnels and four artificial islands the mega bridge between hong kong macau and china was built using more steel than sixty eiffel towers and is being hailed as an international partnership just a thought i was on the border where we have included a lot of foreign experts from the united kingdom united states denmark switzerland japan and holland they are from around fourteen countries mainland china has set the road rules unlike in hong kong and macau traffic to drive on the right and
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tolls must be paid in chinese currency the project's been fraught with delays overspending even fight a lot since the charter is proud of the finished product inviting foreign media to inspect it we hope that friends from the present. us take this opportunity to see the new accomplishment of china you know a new era and fresh progress of the one country to the twenty billion dollar project is part of a broader push by china to integrate the well with the delta region forty thousand vehicles a day are expected to use the bridge including shuttle buses running at ten minute intervals the travel time will be half i could accuse of less than an hour this mega bridge is one of three major infrastructure projects set to open in this region they fear the other is a high speed rail link between the mainland and hong kong but of being hailed as major transport links between the mainland and hong kong but critics say it's yet another attempt by china to blur the border the main criticism of the link is the
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plan to allow chinese immigration facilities to operate in central hong kong not on the border some say that undermines hong kong's autonomy under the one country two systems agreement it is a kind of infrastructure telling the people of hong kong or even the people meaning that you know hong kong and china is no longer. two places they are actually new part of the off the main in the china says both multi-billion dollar transport projects will deliver hong kong more dividends with its integration using one bridge to link three of the region's biggest economies syria plock al jazeera you high china botswana has inaugurated more see bussy seen as his new president the former vice president takes over from ian comma who stepped down after his term limit was reached elections will be held next year catherine sawyer now reports from hebron the president will. inspect the troops of to being sworn
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in as bullets won his fifth head of state he takes over from former president comma in another peaceful transfer of power in one of africa's strongest democracies his inauguration a proud moment for many who braved the heavy morning rains to witness the ceremony and in his facet dress to the nation she said tackling joblessness would be the fast priority at the moment youth unemployment stands at around twenty eight percent well jennifer is a mere dogged of challenges such as unemployment poverty crime hiv and aids alcohol and drug abuse amongst others. therefore one of my top priorities as a president of this country will be george just the problem of unemployment especially among the young people who constitute the majority of our population don't know dressy kalau was one of those listening to that speech he's been jobless
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for three years and hopes the president will leave up to his word negative my expectation is that he will improve government efficiency in order to create job opportunities for the youth i hope we will improve social services to deal with implement some opposition members of parliament is keep the event partly because of a corruption scandal that involves the national petroleum find something that is rare in botswana those who did attend say they need to keep the president and his government on asked we feel that we are going to continue playing our overside will continue to seek more clarity from the president in terms of the way forward in terms of the how part of it how he intends to create employment because this country has been experiencing what has been termed a jobless growth has eighteen months to assad has a far within the ruling democratic party before national elections in october next year many people here are that the new president. very far away from
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home and that he had promised. he was very. common eradication. broad areas that people expect that the president is going to very much give it a line with that but they also. write p.s. he's going to resign as well in the last ten years his predecessor has overseen policies that have helped reduce poverty he says he wants to go father his fast asked will be this week when he names his vice president and cabinet catherine soy al jazeera. that's one. costa rica is voting for a new president in an. election has been defined by the fight for gay rights the ruling party's candidate. is up against separate c.e.o. alvarado munaf who is a conservative evangelical singer is opposed to same sex marriage a position that's apparently boosted his popularity the interim merican court of
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human rights ruled in january that member states must allow same sex couples to marry costa rica's government had said it would have died by the ruling but threatened to remove the country from the court's jurisdiction. the civil rights leader martin luther king jr was assassinated fifty years ago this week in the u.s. city of memphis his death was one of many events that defined one thousand nine hundred sixty eight as a year of political social and emotional chaos al-jazeera was rose jordan looks at what shape that year and the parallels with modern day america one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the year the world was watching the united states was mildly and psychologically falling apart it was a pivotal moment that sought changes in nearly every aspect of american life transformative. as transformative. it was a paradigm shift as moral and political heroes were being gunned down the public
2:44 am
discovered it could no longer put its blind faith in its political leaders who want to build a map of america. nixon's victory in sixty eight which arguably is only made possible because of these assassinations really takes that play book and parlay that into national power university students in the streets and in campus halls protesting what they called the u.s. is disastrous war in vietnam. african-american snapped and rioted several cities throughout the country were left burning women took to the streets to demand equal treatment equal pay equal rights throughout the year and we will explore these developments and delve into how fifty years later the u.s. is fighting these fights all over again politicians stoking the very worst racist sexist and stereotypes and of visions in order to gain power. young
2:45 am
people ditching classes and marching on capitol hill to demand universal gun control we either voice it changed me either peace is the fisherman says i should not make it was women naming the men who have sexually harassed them and pushing for ways to stop the systemic abuse. and yes african-americans latinos asians and native americans still fighting for a definitive and to racial profiling discrimination and prejudice the biggest difference everyone is weighing in in real time and on social media making it harder to ignore the fault lines in us society the view. or was so prominent in the concerns of young people in society and was it was on t.v.
2:46 am
every night fast forward twenty. everyone is in their own personal bubble on their device in two thousand eighteen this is the question how much has the us learned from the divisions of nine hundred sixty eight and how well is it applying those lessons today many christians in iraq have been able to pray together at least for the first time since the defeat of eisel in the northern city of mosul the group destroyed many churches and christians fled the area now the community is on a mission to rebuild itself however as imran khan reports it's not without challenges. for many easter is a time to mark the resurrection of jesus christ it's a time of rebirth and reflection and for the christians of home to near in the nineveh plain in iraq's second city of mosul it's particularly relevant the christian community here is going through its own rebirth when i still took over
2:47 am
the nineveh plains in two thousand and fourteen it tried to destroy the christian community. some fifty five thousand people fled isis violent role from hamdani alone when the group was defeated late last year they started to come back and this is what they found destroyed churches and homes. there is no government support at all it seems that the government does not care about the people here the people here are helpless people return to a hamdani and they only see their houses burned and destroyed and their properties looted and stolen people are spending from their pockets to rebuild their homes while the government did not show any care so far it's a common complaint from iraqis who feel the government has abandoned them the iraqi government is seeking money to rebuild for meisel areas it's appealing to the international community for help and says it needs one hundred billion dollars nowhere near enough cash has been played so far people like no idea how to contact
2:48 am
in return because there's nothing to return to her house is destroyed in a family scattered across refugee camps and rented accommodations in northern iraq she herself lives in erbil but this is home to me often. all of my belongings were looted and the house is destroyed i'm left with nothing at all i live in a rental and there have been fifty i can't return my health is deteriorating and i need medical attention my husband suffers two in baghdad the christian community was spared much of the violence the others faced on the eisel even here in baghdad churches are hidden away behind lost walls and tight security now religious leaders in the faithful will be praying that things get better iraq's christians are actually one of the most established religious communities on the entire planet in two thousand and fourteen almost all the christians had fled the nineveh province according to the patch. there were no christians remaining in mosul for the first time in the nation's history today in mosul and across the nineveh province they
2:49 am
come together this easter to my. important holiday and pray for a better future of iraq's christians in iraq out al-jazeera. still to come here on al-jazeera and the sports teams which tennis player will be proud the boston of miami. story is the life. and end spur nation. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds that's kind of break the human spirit against the angst and i thought well over. there. the al-jazeera selects express a south. a story fourteen hundred years in the making.
2:50 am
a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the caliph episode one on a jersey the. time for sports news with santa. thank you very much stars in them have beaten chelsea for the first time at stamford bridge in twenty eight years in
2:51 am
a game that could go a long way in deciding which of them will play champions league football next season while chelsea could have moved to within two points of spurs it with the win and opened the scoring throughout a viral morata christian eriksen the score the long range a stunner to equalise a right on half time. then bagged the brace within the space of four minutes to give top of the three one victory. i think that's the big. massive three point. i think we're going to gracefully going forward to achieve. the end of the season. award challenge. and today we had the great chance to be used again we did we thought and. we lost these days johns get their hands and we have to know that until the end that we have to take to do our best to train these ascending games to do everything to try to.
2:52 am
take their place in champions league but it won't be easy as have a look at the table and spurs eight points clear of their london a rivals are in the final champions league qualifying spot arsenal now turn their attention to thursday's european league quarter final with c.s.k. moscow to this three nil win over stoke success there is the size only a realistic way of now qualifying for the champions league message he can claim the premier league title by beating my knighted next saturday well it's been quite a week for john is there the american has won his first masters one thousand title on home soil but he had to do it the hard way off to foresee that xander is that ever came the first set in a tie break then fold back to beat his german opponent six seven six four six four in the biggest win of his fourteen year career all australia in
2:53 am
a real trouble off to third day of the fourth and deciding test against south africa and to harness well regardless of when south africa chooses to declare australia's new look side already face a record chase at the wanderers or south africa lead the series two one are looking for the first test series went on home of australia since in line nine hundred seventy. and it just well is now focused on becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after his victory over joseph paca has taken it to the final round for the first time in his career before beating paul call in points in front of eighty thousand fans in cardiff the briton now holds three of the four major wall titles and after the fight he said he wanted to take on w.b.c. champion while the who he needs to be to become undisputed champion however just when his promoters say they aren't convinced the american is ready for the fight
2:54 am
they're not negotiations can go nova social media and television stuff but i think that in terms of when you do serious business you have to sit down. with privacy and discuss. it and we can see. people don't take it but. if they stepped up and actually was serious about a boy and serious about their morning bats well for them because the next week then this already going on predictable was. a high risk club has to have not defending champion saracens out of the rugby's european champions cup. status called in just the fourth minute off a seventy meta team effort to their run in three tries in the third to nineteenth called the final win and will now meet the scarlets in the same is dressing at ninety two will play monster in the other semifinal off to beating twenty eight to seventeen. american ryder cody webber has been crowned this soup and world
2:55 am
champion three riders were in contention going into the final round in sweden the americans and nearest arrivals crash has suffered a break is just as they dealt with a multiple off stickles but webb's results across three races were enough for him to claim the title. and the women's tour of flanders that was marred by a large crash midway through the hundred and fifty one kilometer brace the reigning olympic champion on a break and that winning by minutes and twenty seconds or whether also cause crashes in the men's race at but the two men nick tips that i was able to pull away on the two kilometer cobblestone climb for his second when in a moment a classic and also his fall from we'll have more later on. one of the hottest tickets in australia's biggest city is for opera on the harbor now has become so popular sales are out performing shows inside the sydney opera house and it's
2:56 am
attracting a new crowd to the arts is under thomas home sydney's opera house is the city's most famous building but sydney's most successful oprah's a shown here not in soit the opera house but using it as a backdrop this year it's lab o.-n. showing on a stage overhanging the harbor as water on the edge of a city park this is the dress rehearsal for a full week run last year when common was shown here most performances sold out this is what opera was originally about it was a very very popular art form and here three thousand seats were doing twenty six performances of the one opera means that it's it's reaching the people but i think are important opera australia says engaging a wide audience is vital and outdoor opera with subtitles here is what brings in the crowds is nothing's going on and i'm just trying to focus on what's going on so
2:57 am
i don't sound french unfortunately certain this kind and i'm going to have what you think is an italian initially but. then for other reasons and what do you think of the setting yeah it's amazing it of using saying i'm not down on the fact that all night that i just love seeing these i don't understand you tell you know french or anything that i like that. i like the fact that it's translated for me. but outdoor acoustics can never match those inside the best opera houses and it's hard to suspend reality and be in la bohem is paris with the real sights and sounds of sydney on either side of the stage. and then there is the weather for no refunds if it rains the show only stops in dangerous lightning storms so cannot for ever really be enjoying it if you're sitting what she gets some cool. waits for the dress rehearsal meant he was never going to control the way that they're going to be no once they get rained out it just happens there are probably some people that
2:58 am
are snobby about it and that's fine if they want to be. enjoy the experience of what it is like it's a totally different experience and it's a wonderful experience and enjoy what he's most do the reviews have been almost universally good andrew thomas al-jazeera said. we will have thirty minutes of al-jazeera news for you when we come back cesar.
2:59 am
the final interview. april on al-jazeera from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. his role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show earthrise returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the brands that vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public
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interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule in europe april on al-jazeera. on counting the cost of crude futures contract was launched in china this way to find out what it all means for the dollar and oil for. a look at africa's biggest companies plus technology under scrutiny the latest on our digital . counting the cost. overwhelmed with casualties from friday's attack by israeli troops with sixteen people killed and at least fifteen hundred injured.


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